Antonio Balloni
The research project "Management of System and Information Technology in Hospitals" (GESITI/Hospitals) has the purpose of mapping out the management of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) in hospitals. By applying a multifocal prospective questionnaire in hospitals, the research aims to identify the hospitals need and demand, prospecting for unfolding, and generate a public integrated research report for supporting public and/or private decisions-makings. The ultimate
more » ... from this GESITI/Health research project should be a significant improvement on the hospital management and on the decisions-makings, which must reflect on peoples more satisfied regarding a better health care. Therefore, this paper aims to publish the main ideas of the GESITI/Health project i.e., its "Methodology &original Prospective Questionnaire (PQ)". The methodology used is the Interpretative (or Introspective). About the PQ, we do not known, up to this date, who have developed a multifocal broad field tool-the PQ-, aiming wide hospitals management-. From 2010-16 the "methodology and PQ" have been implemented by about forty-40-universities-and increasing-, from Brazil and Abroad and, forty local research reports were generated. A book, published by the Brazilian Minister of Health [1], presents the results of a pilot project carried out by nineteen-19-out of these forty-40-universities, to know: sixteen Brazilian, one Mexican, one Argentina, one from Slovakia and one from Portugal. The chapter 25 of this book [1.A] presents an integrated research from all nineteen chapters-an integrated research report-. Finally, in the oral presentation, we will briefly present the "Methodology and the PQ" presented in this paper and, also, we will present an integrated comparative analyzes-main results got with the field application of the PQ-regarding the case studies accomplished by the universities from Brazil & Abroad.