An Integrated Model for Transformer Fault Diagnosis to Improve Sample Classification near Decision Boundary of Support Vector Machine

Yiyi Zhang, Yuxuan Wang, Xianhao Fan, Wei Zhang, Ran Zhuo, Jian Hao, Zhen Shi
2020 Energies  
Support vector machine (SVM), which serves as one kind of artificial intelligence technique, has been widely employed in transformer fault diagnosis when involving dissolved gas analysis (DGA). However, when using SVM, it is easy to misclassify samples which are located near the decision boundary, resulting in a decrease in the accuracy of fault diagnosis. Given this issue, this paper proposed a genetic algorithm (GA) optimized probabilistic SVM (GAPSVM) integrated with the fuzzy three-ratio
more » ... R) method, in which the GAPSVM can judge whether a sample is near the decision boundary according to its output probabilities and diagnose the samples which are not near the decision boundary. Then, FTR is used to diagnose the samples which are near the decision boundary. Combining GAPSVM and FTR, the integrated model can accurately diagnose samples near the decision boundary of SVM. In addition, to avoid redundant and erroneous features, this paper also used GA to select the optimal DGA features. The diagnostic accuracy of the proposed GAPSVM integrated with the FTR fault diagnosis method reached 86.80% after 10 repeated calculations using 118 groups of IEC technical committee (TC) 10 samples. Moreover, the robustness is also proven through 30 groups of DGA samples from the State Grid Co. of China and 15 practical cases with missing values.
doi:10.3390/en13246678 fatcat:4j4235bcbfhzbltwa6r26powye