Real Space-based Virtual Studio-Seamless Synthesis of a Real Set Image with a Virtual Set Image-

Yuko Yamanouchi, Hideki Mitsumine, Takashi Fukaya, Masahiro Kawakita, Seiki Inoue, Masaki Hayashi
2003 The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers  
When making a TV program in a studio, care must be taken that the camera does not shoot beyond the boundary of the studio set. In addition, limitations in cost and space for the set must be taken into account. In a virtual studio, on the other hand, we can solve this cost and space problem. But in turn, actors have to perform in front of a blue background screen, which is not an easy task. To solve these problems associated with real versus virtual studios, we have developed a new type of
more » ... l studio called the Real Space-based Virtual Studio in which a real space image and a virtual one are combined naturally with no boundary seam. One major advantage in using this new virtual-real hybrid system is that the actors can concentrate on their roles. Another is that the camera work can be done without worrying about off-screen areas. In the present study, we constructed an omnidirectional image with ultra-high definition features and combined it with real studio image. We have developed an integration system and have shown that the omnidirectional and real studio images can be synthesized smoothly and naturally.
doi:10.3169/itej.57.739 fatcat:vwfircfrsrf3do57zs5ymcrn6m