Current Industry 4.0 Platforms – An Overview

Sauer Christian, Eichelberger Holger, Ahmadian Amir Shayan, Dewes Andreas, Jürjens Jan
2021 Zenodo  
This white paper provides an overview of current Industry 4.0 platforms, particularly from the perspective of the IIP-Ecosphere project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in the "KI-Innovationswettbewerb" (AI innovation competition). The focus is on topics such as interconnectivity, digital twins, openness, security and the use of AI in the context of smart manufacturing. The document describes the approach to data collection, the detailed
more » ... lts for individual industrial platforms, and a summarizing overview. A total of 21 industrial platforms are analyzed based on publicly available documents using 16 analysis topics. Both platforms and analysis topics originate from intensive discussions between the IIP-Ecosphere project partners. In particular, the analyzed platforms cover the required basic functions. For example, a wide range of communication protocols is often provided and a wide variety of cloud services are integrated. Even newer trends such as artificial intelligence can now be found in the platform descriptions. However, the range of functions also varies greatly among the platforms. Newer standards such as OPC-UA, UMATI or the Industry 4.0 Asset Administration Shell are often used only cautiously, if at all, which may be due in part to the development history, but also due to strategic considerations. Based on the cross-platform analysis of the 16 topic areas, we derive challenges for future platforms and especially for our work in IIP-Ecosphere. These include topics such as open ecosystems, extensible architectures with standardized interface descriptions, flexible and dynamic support for AI procedures, secure and unified data exchange (for data sharing, resource sharing, and data usage control) as well as end-to-end and consistent configurability that builds user trust in the respective platform. Standardization of (some of) these topics would be desirable to improve exchange and interoperability between platforms and platform ecosystems a [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4485756 fatcat:f4m2swkalnh3biy5vjypsix32y