Data Quality in health research: a systematic literature review [article]

Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Domingos Alves, Nathalia Yukie Crepaldi, Diego Bettiol Yamada, Vinícius Costa Lima, Rui Pedro Charters Lopes Rijo
2022 medRxiv   pre-print
AbstractDecision-making and strategies to improve service delivery need to be supported by reliable health data to generate consistent evidence on health status, so the data quality management process must ensure the reliability of the data collected. Thus, through an integrative literature review, the main objective of this work is to identify and evaluate digital health technology interventions designed to support the conduct of health research based on data quality. After analyzing and
more » ... ting the results of interest, 33 articles were included in the review. This transdisciplinarity may be reaching the threshold of significant growth and thus forcing the need for a metamorphosis of the area from focusing on the measurement and evaluation of data quality, today focused on content, to a direction focused on use and contextIn general, the main barriers reported in relation to the theme of research in the area of health data quality cite circumstances regarding a) use, b) systems and c) health services.. The resources presented can help guide medical decisions that do not only involve medical professionals, and indirectly contribute to avoiding decisions based on low-quality information that can put patients' lives at risk
doi:10.1101/2022.05.31.22275804 fatcat:usktfpu66zfx5ijjiaej62blvm