History, indentity and mission

Mihai Himcinschi
2018 Altarul reîntregirii  
Beginning with the Apostolic Age, the missionary work of the Church had at its core the process of witnessing the divine-human identity o f Our Saviour Jesus Christ. The Christian identity o f each member o f the Church is produced and developed hic et nunc, even in our times, based on this fundament. The unanimous ecclesial consciousness considers that God, Who created the time and later the visible world, also gave to the history the possibility to open itself toward eternity, as a fulfilment
more » ... o f the divine plan, and the capacity to receive and to be sanctified through the Incarnation o f the Son o f God and the descent o f the transcendence into immanence. From that point, the time and the history are parted in two. Nothing from what is specific to the history is foreign to God and all that is the will o f God, through Christ, is fulfilled missionary in the historical context. Our study aims to prove that the apostolic mission o f the Romanian Orthodox Church and the unity o f the Romanian nation were not foreign to the work and to the presence o f the Holy Trinity, during the historical and missionary events and that the Christian and national identity are complementary on their path to eternity.
doi:10.29302/ar.2018.1.1 fatcat:7ogqdtrihfbdfowpvl7upb2lge