Comparative Mitogenomic Analysis of Heptageniid Mayflies (Insecta: Ephemeroptera): Conserved Intergenic Spacer and tRNA Gene Duplication

Ran Li, Zhiming Lei, Wenjuan Li, Wei Zhang, Changfa Zhou
2021 Insects  
Large intergenic spacers and tRNA gene duplications have been reported in several insect groups, although little is known about mitogenomes of mayflies. Here, we determined complete mitogenomes of ten heptageniid species and systemically analyzed their mitogenomic features. Both a conserved intergenic spacer (IGS) and trnM duplication were detected in those mitogenomes. The IGS, which was observed in heptageniids, could be further folded into a stable stem–loop structure. The tRNA gene
more » ... tRNA gene duplication was found in almost all analyzed mitogenomes, and a unique gene block trnI-trnM-trnQ-trnM-ND2 was also discovered. Our analysis demonstrates that the heptageniid gene arrangement pattern can be explained by the tandem duplication-random loss (TDRL) model. Phylogenetic analyses using both Bayesian inference (BI) and maximum likelihood (ML) methods based on the nucleotide and amino acid sequence data recovered the genus Epeorus as monophyletic with strong support. Our results provide a better understanding of mitogenomic evolution in Heptageniidae, as well as novel molecular markers for species identification of mayflies.
doi:10.3390/insects12020170 pmid:33669334 fatcat:wiatdrfsifbrvflr52a66vrj5y