Electrical Progress at the Crystal Palace

1882 Scientific American  
There does not seem to be much the matter with the group 1 1 ment showing the retardation of a signal through a long sub-The recovery of electrical conductivity IS 10 all cases at in our sketch, who are evidently enjoying to the utmost the marine cable, by means of ten mirror galvanometers con-tended with recovery of longitudinal elasticity and of tor novel condition of being able to step from a hot to a cold nected in circuit so as to show the progress of the signal sional rigidity. bath at a
more » ... igidity. bath at a moment's notice.-Illust . Sgdney News. ' through the line. The specimens of deep-sea bottom aud A full examination of the influence of permanent strain on =___ _ _ _____ other trophieE, such as coral, shells, and sponges, brought the susceptibility to temporary change of resistance from ELECTRIOAL PROGRESS AT THE CRYSTAL up by the lead and suhmerged cnbles in repairing operations, change of temperature showed that metals may be divided
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05271882-5331asupp fatcat:iw4jyps23vc6loc4v6wf7v2ahi