New Patterns And Techniques In Knowledge Discovery Through Data Mining

Tiruveedula Gopi Krishna, Dr.Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abdelhadi, M.Madhusudhana Subramanian
The main focus of this paper discussion was on mining and its set of techniques used in an automated approach to exhaustively explore and bring to the surface complex relationships in very large datasets. We discussed how a decision support process can be used to search for patterns of information in data. And also discussed different techniques for finding and describing structural patterns in data as well. Knowledge Discovery is a concept that describes the process of automatically searching
more » ... arge volumes of data for patterns that can be considered knowledge about the data. We discussed all automatic and semi-automatic process of discovering the patterns in data that how it leads to some advantage in businesses to make knowledge driven decisions, which help the company to succeed and compete.
doi:10.24297/ijmit.v7i1.714 fatcat:x4qnbfzb2nbzxa5xr46x3n7gdy