Oxygen Abundances in LI-Depleted F-Type Stars

Ramon J. Garcia Lopez, Rafael Rebolo, Artemio Herrero, John E. Beckman
1993 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
AbstractWe have obtained the oxygen abundance in a sample of 44 F-type dwarfs in the Ursa Major group and the Hyades open cluster, using an NLTE analysis of the O I infrared triplet atλλ7771-7775 Å. These clusters show the "lithium gap" in the F spectral range, and it has been suggested that if this phenomenon were due to microscopic diffusion, their Li-depleted stars could also show oxygen and/or nitrogen depletion. Our results here show a substantial measure of uniformity in the oxygen
more » ... ces. The data might indicate a very small dip (< 0.1 dex) in the O abundance for stars located in the Li gap. Microscopic diffusion seems to be the only known mechanism able to produce an oxygen dip. If this mechanism were responsible for the Li gap, it would have to account for a depletion of up to two orders of magnitude in Li and, at the same time, less than 0.1 dex in oxygen. We note that turbulent mixing could modify a microscopic diffusion pattern in order to yield the observed abundances of the two elements.
doi:10.1017/s0252921100017747 fatcat:6yubxcgmazcwrfiggmopviocry