Logarithmic corrections to $\mathbf{a^2}$ scaling in lattice QCD with Wilson and Ginsparg-Wilson quarks

Nikolai Andre Husung, Peter Marquard, Rainer Sommer
We analyse the leading logarithmic corrections to the $a^2$ scaling of lattice artefacts in QCD, following the seminal work of Balog, Niedermayer and Weisz in the O(n) non-linear sigma model. Limiting the discussion to contributions from the action, the leading logarithmic corrections can be determined by the anomalous dimensions of mass-dimension 6 operators. These operators form a minimal on-shell basis of the Symanzik Effective Theory. We present results for non-perturbatively O($a$) improved Wilson and Ginsparg-Wilson quarks.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2021-04338 fatcat:5g47ks624jgn5nsvtmgorxjpbq