Laptop selection decision support system according to buyer criteria with the simple additive weighting method

2021 Journal of Soft Computing Exploration  
Along with the development of increasingly modern times, so that all activities require computing technology, such as laptops. However, it is often found among prospective laptop buyers who still have difficulty in determining the laptop that suits their needs. The purpose of this study is to help people who want to buy a laptop when choosing or who are looking for a laptop. to get the right one for their needs. To achieve this goal, a decision support system is needed. The Decision Support
more » ... od that will be used is SAW (Simple Additive Weighting) because this method can filter several existing alternatives and based on predetermined criteria so that later the best alternative will be obtained. By using the SAW method, a matrix normalization process is needed, the weight value of each attribute, and finally a ranking process is carried out which will determine the optimal alternative. The results obtained in this study are to be able to provide laptop recommendations to prospective buyers based on the specifications of prospective consumen needs.
doi:10.52465/joscex.v2i2.49 fatcat:oj5eoc3kyjd3ddialapcegdefe