Spherical Minimum Description Length

Trevor Herntier, Koffi Ihou, Anthony Smith, Anand Rangarajan, Adrian Peter
2018 Entropy  
We consider the problem of model selection using the Minimum Description Length (MDL) criterion for distributions with parameters on the hypersphere. Model selection algorithms aim to find a compromise between goodness of fit and model complexity. Variables often considered for complexity penalties involve number of parameters, sample size and shape of the parameter space, with the penalty term often referred to as stochastic complexity. Current model selection criteria either ignore the shape
more » ... f the parameter space or incorrectly penalize the complexity of the model, largely because typical Laplace approximation techniques yield inaccurate results for curved spaces. We demonstrate how the use of a constrained Laplace approximation on the hypersphere yields a novel complexity measure that more accurately reflects the geometry of these spherical parameters spaces. We refer to this modified model selection criterion as spherical MDL. As proof of concept, spherical MDL is used for bin selection in histogram density estimation, performing favorably against other model selection criteria.
doi:10.3390/e20080575 pmid:33265664 fatcat:jz4f65dwjbexnlitygebakexim