Analysis of effects of MCB3681, the antibacterially active substance of prodrug MCB3837, on human resident microflora as proof of principle

A. Dalhoff, M.-U. Rashid, T. Kapsner, G. Panagiotidis, A. Weintraub, C.E. Nord
2015 Clinical Microbiology and Infection  
The water-soluble prodrug MCB3837 is rapidly converted to MCB3681, active against Gram-positive bacterial species, after intravenous infusion. The aim of this study was to prove the principle that MCB3681 is efficacious in vivo by demonstrating its effect on the resident microflora or colonizers of the human skin, nose, oropharynx and intestine. MCB3837 was infused at a daily dose of 6 mg/kg for 5 days. MCB3681 was active against clostridia, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, enterococci and
more » ... coccus aureus, thus proving the principle that MCB3681 is antibacterially efficacious in vivo without affecting the Gram-negative microflora. Clinical Microbiology and Infection
doi:10.1016/j.cmi.2015.05.025 pmid:26047854 fatcat:wkq7ynohkfgwfhftnoa2jgg53a