Observations on the holographic duals of 4-d extremal black holes

S Ferrara, M Porrati
2002 Physics Letters B  
We argue that extremal black holes of N=4 Poincare supergravity coupled to conformal matter have a quantum-exact dual 5-d description in the maximally supersymmetric extension of the Randall-Sundrum theory. This dual is a the classical, static supergravity solution describing a string with both Neveu-Schwarz and Ramond charge with respect to different antisymmetric tensor doublets. We also discuss the issue of the singularity present in a class of such supergravity solutions found by Cvetic, Lu
more » ... found by Cvetic, Lu and Pope.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)02628-x fatcat:2kmm372pgzgmvkh4gxpha2lwqe