Women taekwondo competition structural feature indicator weight research based on AHP

Changkuan Zhuang, Li Yuan, Lu Yang
Modern sports competition is participating each party with its unique winning system makes mutual confrontation and constraints so as to obtain victory process, in Taekwondo competitive sport, every party has comprehensive, intensive, random and open features, in order to let athletes, coaches and organizer have a clear cognition on sport competition structural features, the paper takes women taekwondo event as an example, researches on sport competition structure based on analytic hierarchy
more » ... alytic hierarchy process. In research, on the basis of passing consistency test, it solves each indicator weight and weighted value, which provides basis for taekwondo competition structural features selective analysis, finally it carries out t analysis of three layers' key factors, it gets importance degree ranking rationality obtained by weight values that provides research methods for mass athletes and coaches in sport competition structural exploring and analyzing process. 