Microstructue Observation of Nanoporous Membrane Using Transmission Electron Microscope

Zeolite and mesoporous silica, which are representative nanoporous materials, have ordering pores in uniform nanometer size. Selective adsorption and molecular sieving properties of the nanoporous materials are useful for catalyst, adsorbent and gas separation membrane. Functional properties of the nanoporous materials must be dominated by the nanostructure. TEM observation is especially effective to analyze the nanostructure of nanoporous materials. Therefore it is expected that TEM
more » ... s become more important analysis method on this research field. However, generally interpretation of TEM images is not easy to understand for researchers who are shallow experience of the TEM observation. In this paper, the contrast formation principle of TEM image is explained and the nanostructure analysis for nanoporous materials using TEM is also introduced by showing the observation results of nanoporous materials.
doi:10.5360/membrane.32.347 fatcat:y7xgjxmg2jgmfdlye7fycy2se4