Sonic monstrosity

Isabella Van Elferen
2016 Horror Studies  
This article explores the sonic dimension of monstrosity, charting the sounds that monsters make as well as the sounds that announce monsters. Basing on examples from a range of media from literature to cinema, television and video games, the article argues that sound and especially music are capable of reflecting the monster's most unrepresentable characteristic: its dorsality. Keywords sound film music television music video game music horror monsters Nosferatutönt dies Wort dich nicht an wie
more » ... t dich nicht an wie der mitternächtige Ruf eines Totenvogels? 1 In the survival horror video game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, protagonist Harry Mason wakes up from a car crash near the village of Silent Hill. It is a pitch black night, it is snowing, and Harry's daughter Cheryl has disappeared. As he sets out to find her, the whirl of snowflakes, the labyrinthine surroundings, the darkness and the fog blur Harry's as well as the
doi:10.1386/host.7.2.307_1 fatcat:o2mzczecljgvrbqkivvohlsbbi