Coherent cherenkov radiation as a temporal diagnostic for microbunched beams

Giancarlo Gatti, Alan Cook, James Rosenzweig, Rodion Tikhoplav
2007 2007 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC)  
Cherenkov radiation of a relativistic e-beam traversing a thin section of aerogel is analized, putting the stress on the coherent contribution due to the intra-beam, transverse and longitudinal structure. The use of this tool as a temporal diagnostic for micro-bunched beams makes possible to improve the amount of collected power at the microbunching frequency several orders of magnitude more respect to the uncoherent Cherenkov contribution. The non-idealities of a real beam are taken in
more » ... re taken in account, and some techniques aimed on enhancing the coherent part of radiation are proposed and analized analitically. COHERENT LONGITUDINAL DIAGNOSTIC
doi:10.1109/pac.2007.4440961 fatcat:dqxex6ltqnbqhikgskq3vko5fm