On the Development and Experimental Validation of a Novel and Intuitive Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle Application

Muhammad Nur Yuniarto, Indra Sidharta, Yohanes Yohanes, Yoga Uta Nugraha
2022 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
This paper discusses the process of developing a novel and robust algorithm for an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor controller. This is necessary for the simplification of the setting of control parameters and maintaining the proper operation of the motor. A 3D torque lookup table was used in which two inputs were considered, i.e., accelerator movements and the motor rotational speed. These two inputs allowed the lookup table to generate a specified torque at any motor rotation,
more » ... was then fed-forward to the field-oriented control and space vector pulse width modulation algorithm. Modeling, simulation, and experimental tests were performed to design and validate the proposed controller. The experimental validation shows that the proposed controller worked as intended. This was indicated by its ability to control the motor to obtain a 7% higher torque output than in the simulation in the constant torque region. In the field-weakening region, the controller could make the motor reach a maximum speed of 5500 RPM. There was only an 8% difference compared to the simulation (6500 RPM). In terms of maximum power generated, the controller was able to match the simulation output with only a 5% difference.
doi:10.3390/wevj13060107 doaj:9277f37acfdc49f6952c6b7fd06e9373 fatcat:x5ilgjut6jeppkrto4htwtnepq