Survey Management of Residents' Awareness of the Cost of Hospital Paraclinical Measures

Jahanbakhsh Pourahangarian, Babak Masoumi, AMIR MASOUD HASHEMIAN, Farahnaz Bidari Zerepoosh, Hojjat Derakhshanfar
2014 Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal  
Physicians'roleinreducinghealth care costsisobvious andundeniable. Therefore, the current studyseeks toSurvey management of residents' awareness of the cost of hospital paraclinical measures. This studyused avalid and reliablequestionnaire to evaluate the residents' awareness regarding thecost of tests,including CBC, ESR, U/A,troponin, chest radiography, ultrasound of abdomenand pelvis,CT scan of head.Any estimate in the range of25% ofactual pricewas considered as the correctestimate. Data was
more » ... nalyzed usingt-test,chi-square anddrawing Box Plot. Significancelevel was determined p< 0.05. 90residents(54.4% male) were studied. With the exception ofchest radiography(48/0 = p),averagecostsestimated byresidents in the diagnostic tests of CBC (p<0.0001), ESR (p<0.0001), UA (p<0.0001),troponin(p=0.004),ultrasound(p=0.01)and CTscan ofhead(p<0.0001) differed from theactual price. Also, theaverageerrorinestimating thecosts ofCBC, ESR, UA,troponin, chest radiography, ultrasoundand CTscan ofheadwas 243.6%, 798.2%, 229.8%, 22.3%, 5.7%, 35.1% and 56.1%,respectively.On average, only 24.3%of residentswere awareof thereal cost oflaboratoryfees. The resultsshowed that the management level information of assistantsof internalmedicine, surgery,pediatrics, obstetricsandemergency medicineaboutthe cost of paraclinicalmeasuresis low and the level of education regardingawarenessof these costsis inadequate.
doi:10.13005/bpj/536 fatcat:xjdushfanjgrdcueh5rqnxmgdu