ZRÓŻ NICOWANIE WYPOSAŻ ENIA W CZYNNIKI PRODUKCJI GOSPODARSTW REPRODUKUJĄCYCH CEBULE I BULWY KWIATOWE W POLSCE Differences in the means of production among the Polish farms reproducing flower bulbs and tubers

Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Sadownictwa I Kwiaciarstwa Im, Szczepana, Tom
2009 unpublished
The aim of this article is to analyse changes in the size of the production area and human resources of selected domestic farms in 2004. The average production area under cultivation with flower bulbs in the examined farms in 2004 equalled 2.09 ha. In the largest farms there was 0.17 of a regular worker and 0.71 of a seasonal worker per 1 ha of arable land. In the smallest farms, the corresponding figures were 0.48 of a seasonal worker and 0.42 of a regular worker. The worsening conditions of
more » ... rming have contributed to the introduction by Polish farmers of technical and technological developments. However, this has happened mainly in the farms producing flower bulbs only, and in those with a larger acreage.