Human granulosa cells express integrin alpha2 and collagen type IV: possible involvement of collagen type IV in granulosa cell luteinization

S. Yamada
1999 Molecular human reproduction  
Previously, it has been shown that integrin α 6 β 1 expressed on human granulosa cells regulates luteinization in co-operation with its ligand, laminin. In this study, integrin α 2 was immunohistochemically demonstrated to be expressed on granulosa and large luteal cells. It was also detected on luteinizing theca interna cells after ovulation. Immunoreactive collagen type IV, which is one of the ligands for integrin α 2 β 1 , was detected around granulosa cells in the pre-ovulatory follicles
more » ... latory follicles and its expression was rapidly increased during ovulation. By flow cytometry, collagen type IV was detected on the cell surface of luteinizing granulosa cells isolated from pre-ovulatory follicles, confirming the physiological interaction between granulosa cells and collagen type IV. Collagen type IV in follicular fluid was positively related with progesterone concentration. In 4-day cultures of granulosa cells, collagen type IV in the media was significantly increased by human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). The progesterone production was significantly attenuated when granulosa cells were cultured on collagen type IV-coated dishes, suggesting that collagen type IV suppresses granulosa cell luteinization. These findings show that collagen type IV, a ligand for integrin α 2 β 1 , is rapidly produced around luteinizing granulosa cells during ovulation, probably under the control of luteinizing hormone (LH) and suggest that collagen type IV is a new parameter and/or regulator of granulosa cell luteinization in the periovulatory phases.
doi:10.1093/molehr/5.7.607 pmid:10381815 fatcat:kbi7c2pjp5a5degf2l2q53664m