Analysis of the processes of inclusion, development and learning of a child with Down Syndrome enrolled in the common school

Jacqueline da Silva, Vinícius Silva Belo, Adriana Cláudia Drumond
2011 Revista Educação Especial  
This research was conducted in a private school in the city of Barbacena-MG, Brazil, during 2010. We observed a student with Down syndrome, nine years, enrolled in the 2nd year of elementary school, seeking to understand the process of educational inclusion and the organizational and teaching strategies that influence his development and learning. Was also analyzed his cognitive, socio-emotional and psychomotor performance, in addition to the interaction between family and school. This
more » ... hool. This case-study was characterized as qualitative and ethnographic in which was used the technique of participant observation. The active family participation in the student educational process, along with the interaction promoted by the school in its activities, made him reach a satisfactory level of development. The student showed good memory, could read both words in cursive as with capital letters and solve addition and subtraction when used concrete materials. We realized, therefore, that he is progressing at his own pace. However, it would require that the school had adopted activities directed and specified to him as well as measures of relaxation and streamlining of the curriculum, evaluating the student in a procedural approach. However he was valued by qualifying, which resulted in the retention of student in the same grade. We conclude therefore, that the pedagogical structuring and review of practices and evaluation methods in educational institutions may be necessary to ensure that best addresses the specific characteristics and necessities of the students, making no exception occurs in an environment that thinks be promoter of the inclusion.
doi:10.5902/1984686X2768 doaj:04a1743d116945919776b6c56b1ba81a fatcat:ppaez7wp2rdlxgplyjxw5vtoma