GPU MrBayes V3.1: MrBayes on Graphics Processing Units for Protein Sequence Data: Table 1

Shuai Pang, Rebecca J. Stones, Ming-Ming Ren, Xiao-Guang Liu, Gang Wang, Hong-ju Xia, Hao-Yang Wu, Yang Liu, Qiang Xie
2015 Molecular biology and evolution  
We present a modified GPU (graphics processing unit) version of MrBayes, called ta(MC) 3 (GPU MrBayes V3.1), for Bayesian phylogenetic inference on protein data sets. Our main contributions are 1) utilizing 64-bit variables, thereby enabling ta(MC) 3 to process larger data sets than MrBayes; and 2) to use Kahan summation to improve accuracy, convergence rates, and consequently runtime. Versus the current fastest software, we achieve a speedup of up to around 2.5 (and up to around 90 vs. serial
more » ... rBayes), and more on multi-GPU hardware. GPU MrBayes V3.1 is available from
doi:10.1093/molbev/msv129 pmid:26012905 fatcat:mwy7ceczhzfzhe5fuaj27mjboq