A Comparison of Full Surface Local Heat Transfer Coefficient and Flow Field Studies Beneath Sharp-Edged and Radiused Entry Impinging Jets

D. R. H. Gillespie, S. M. Guo, Z. Wang, P. T. Ireland, S. T. Kohler
1996 Volume 4: Heat Transfer; Electric Power; Industrial and Cogeneration   unpublished
Full heat transfer coefficient and static pressure distributions have been measured on the target surface under, impinging jets formed by sharp-edged and large entry radius holes. These geometries are representative of impingement holes in a gas turbine blade manufactured by laser cutting and by casting, respectively. Target surface heat transfer has been measured in a large scale perspex l rig using both the transient liquid crystal technique and hot thin film gauges. A range of jet Reynolds I
more » ... e of jet Reynolds I PMMA or Poly Methyl Methacrylate
doi:10.1115/96-gt-428 fatcat:ekiyiknggrajtpf53scxi7cplm