Polygenic Selection, Polygenic Scores, Spatial Autocorrelation and Correlated Allele Frequencies. Can We Model Polygenic Selection on Intellectual Abilities? [post]

Davide Piffer
2017 unpublished
The majority of polygenic selection signal of educational attainment GWAS hits is confined to a handful of SNPs within genomic regions replicated across GWAS publications. A polygenic score comprising 9 SNPs predicts population IQ (r=0.9), outperforming 99.9% of the polygenic scores obtained from sets of random SNPs. Its predictive power remains unaffected after controlling for spatial autocorrelation. Even random polygenic scores are moderate predictors of population IQ, and their predictive
more » ... their predictive power increases logarithmically with the number of SNPs, indicating an exponential reduction in noise.Thus, the predictive power of polygenic scores has to be scaled in proportion to the number of SNPs composing them.
doi:10.20944/preprints201701.0127.v1 fatcat:hdser6s4efd7rcvhwt7yp7gyfi