1845 The Lancet  
138 constitution of the patient. Emphysema did not occur as the consequence of hooping-cough. The PRESIDENT had found, in some cases where belladonna was given, that the poisonous, rather than the curative effects of that remedy developed themselves, even though the doses administered were remarkably small. With reference to the irritation of the par vagum in hooping-cough, he related a case in which this nerve had become exposed, from the formation of an abscess, or other cause; and it was
more » ... rkable, that when the nerve was in contact with the air, a spasmodic resembling hoopingcough was: produced: when the nerve was covered over by a cicatrix, the hooping-cough ceased. BLISTERS IN CHILDREN.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)64633-1 fatcat:dqjiyj2f3nacjl7ufrjh7337wi