Stem Cells, What is Behind?

Abbas Alnaji
2017 Journal of Cytology & Histology  
Stem cells are a breakthrough in biological sciences, particularly in medicine and surgery. As a neurosurgeon, a wide hopes were built on to solve many aspects in my field especially that of spinal cord, I dipped deep in the theory and travelled a lot and far for practical results in some centers just by hearing about their career. As time passes waiting the golden chance to practice this art, this time which spans to around seven years, my work and knowledge about the biological basis of
more » ... ical basis of neurosurgical pathologies started to mature and ripe and gave a harvest, or a conclusion. It is the intracellular bacteria ICB which is behind the medico-surgical pathologies, it is behind the congenital diseases whether structural or functional (no pure functional, where it is an alteration in the molecular structure of the cell and termed functional due to our shortage to recognize these ultra-micro structural alterations) diseases. ICB is behind the unknown etiologies of many many disorders just when we are omitting the role of these ICB. ICB can invade any body cell and live in it for decades. Dormant or active in different manners, what make it active and what they do is completely out of our mind scope. We know about this intracellular bacterium much less than its size! If somebody knows much, let him solve our problems if he is aware about these problems originally! So, if it happens that this speech is a truth, every location in the earth has its endemic intracellular bacterial genus. My work to discover the origin of my neurosurgical pathologies revealed A -100% success rate in trial
doi:10.4172/2157-7099.1000476 fatcat:n73do4nhw5dtzl2n6pcyvrlgne