A terrain-dependent reference atmosphere determination method for available potential energy calculations

1986 Tellus: Series A, Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography  
An iterative technique that determines the reference atmosphere which incorporates the effects of uneven surface topography is presented. This method has been successfully applied in several available potential energy studies. An alternative method due to Taylor is also evaluated. While Taylor presented excellent continuous formulations of the available potential energy that include topography, his method for determining the reference atmosphere distributions failed to provide the accuracy
more » ... e the accuracy needed to produce reliable available potential energy estimates. Since topography has a significant influence on the general circulation, it is important to employ techniques that incorporate its effects in the determination of available potential energy.
doi:10.1111/j.1600-0870.1986.tb00451.x fatcat:hzq5cgijj5gw5a653ccxspchea