Analysis of Similarity of Twitter Topic Categories among Regions

Hong-Won Yun
2012 Journal of information and communication convergence engineering  
Twitter can spread and share all kinds of information such as facts, opinions, and ideas in real time. In this paper, we empirically compare and analyze the topic categories in Twitter with all top 100 users in each of geographic region. We mainly consider the relationships among regions and selected four regions: Global, Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing. Each of the top 100 users in Twitter is classified into a specific category and then statistical analysis is conducted. Among eight topic
more » ... the "Arts" category is the largest and the second is "Life". The correlation between global and Seoul groups has the lowest value among the six pairs of relationships between regional groups, and this difference is statistically significant. We find that the Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing regional Twitter groups, all in East Asia, have high topical similarity. Based on the correlation analysis, Seoul and Tokyo saliently show a sticky trend. The correlation coefficient presents very a strong positive correlation between Seoul and Tokyo. The correlation between the global group and the East Asian groups is relatively lower than that among the East Asian groups.
doi:10.6109/jicce.2012.10.1.027 fatcat:jj57hiwlfrarvfojlfyocs6vla