Modular Power Converters for PV Applications [report]

Burak Ozpineci, Leon M Tolbert
2012 unpublished
Objective: This report describes technical opportunities to serve as parts of a technological roadmap for Shoals Technologies Group in power electronics for PV applications. Abstract There are many different power converter circuits that can be used for solar inverter applications. The present applications do not take advantage of the potential for using common modules. We envision that the development of a power electronics module could enable higher reliability by being durable and flexible.
more » ... odules would have fault current limiting features and detection circuits such that they can limit the current through the module from external faults and can identify and isolate internal faults such that the remaining modules can continue to operate with only minimal disturbance to the utility or customer. Development of a reliable, efficient, low-cost, power electronics module will be a key enabling technology for harnessing more power from solar panels and enable plug and play operation.
doi:10.2172/1042924 fatcat:2a37cqdtgzhenbmzmw7cvmhc6a