Effects of caspase 8 gene polymorphism on the risks for development/course of chronic heart failure

Ye. N. Berezikova, M. G. Pustovetova, S. N. Shilov, A. V. Yefremov, A. T. Teplyakov, I. D. Safronov, Ye. N. Samsonova
2015 Patologiâ Krovoobrašeniâ i Kardiohirurgiâ  
The aim of the study was to identify genetic determinants of increased risks for heart failure severity. Clinical and genetic aspects of the effects of gene polymorphism caspase 8 (polymorphic loci -652(6N)I/D and D302H) on the risks for development and severity of chronic heart failure (CHF) in patients with coronary artery disease were investigated. 277 patients with CHF were studied (182 males and 95 females aged 45 to 65 years (mean age 59.27.7 years). Genotypes were identified by using
more » ... tified by using RFLP analysis of PCR products. The control group included 136 people (mean age 53.64.8 years) who had no symptoms of cardiovascular disorders. The presence of del allele and genotype del/del polymorphic locus -652(6N)I/D gene caspase 8 was associated with an increased risk for heart failure, while the allele ins and genotype ins/ins were found to serve as protective factors. Allele ins and genotype ins/ins polymorphic locus -652(6N)I/D gene caspase 8 proved to be associated with protective effects on the course of CHF in patients with coronary artery disease, while allele del and genotype del/del could be considered as predictors of an unfavorable course of the disease. The analysis revealed no significant differences in the frequency distribution of genotypes and alleles of polymorphic loci D302H gene caspase 8 in patients with chronic heart failure and in the control group, as well as in the dependence on the functional class of heart failure. The definition of polymorphism -652(6N)I/D gene caspase 8 can be recommended for early prediction of risks and severity of heart failure.
doi:10.21688/1681-3472-2013-4-45-49 fatcat:jkzjby3yt5fldigua4egxrqxya