Condensed catalogue of specialties, novelties and special offers in choice new and rare bulbs, plants, seeds and fruits / [book]

1903 unpublished
I pot or basket flower to be suspended in the window it is (he finest thing pfthe sort we have everseen. Grows very rapidly and makes a lovely plant in a short time. 15c each : 5 for 50e. It is our custom each year, after the heavy spring business is about over, in May, to take the surplus stock of various good things, make it into " Surprise " Collections, and offer them to our customers, giving four or live times the value of their money. In fact, the "Surprise" is in the great amount of fine
more » ... reat amount of fine things one gets for the money paid. These collections cannot be sent until about the middle of May, and will be entirely of our own selection, from kinds ol which we have a surplus. No collection will be made up for less than one dollar, and from that up to any amount me. purchaser may desire. They will be sent free^by mail unless desired by express, and in that case we can send very much more for the money than by mail. All "Surprise" Collections ordered previous to May 15th will be booked ana shipped then, but we can continue sending them up to the first of July. We advise our frends to invest a dollar or more in this collection, particularly this year, for we are going to see how good it can be made. If you possess onr large Catalogue, or have no use for this, we would thank you very much to hand it to some one who loves and cultivates flowers. |-^| M s\+ir* • One of our customers, a friend of yours, has f IcflSv 1 lOXlCw ••"sent us your name that you might receive this Catalogue of Specialties and Novelties. We assume that you love and cultivate Flowers, Vegetables or Fruits, and will, therefore, be glad to examine it. If so, you will certainly see something herein offered which you will desire to have, and we trust you will not hesitate to send for it, be it only one item, for we want to place your name on our list of customers. in, it-T orrra P^lnmiA We will be glad to send you our large Catalogue UUI Ldlgc^c llcUUgUC -of 136 pagss FREE, if you desire to select a more general assortment of Setds, Bulbs, Plants or Fruits than this special Catalogue contains. TUlC CDEPI/y PATAfi ftftHF contains the strongest and best Novelties I rlld OrLUlML I riLUUUL and specialties of our large, regular Catalogue. We hope, through its medium, to open up a business acquaintance with thousands of lovers of flowers and gardening. For this purpose we send it free to all who desire it. We call attention to our Superior Flower Seeds. Grand Gladiolus, Azaleas, Callas, Cannas, Geraniums, Rare New Fruits and Superb New Vegetables. And last, but not least, do not fail to subscribe for our floral monthly magazine, The Mayflower, as per offer on Cover. We solicit from you, dear reader, a trial order, large or small. When once you have tested our superior goods, we believe you will always remain a customer We shall certainly try to please you. Address of sender : No. Street.
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