Lignans, phenylpropanoids and polyacetylenes from Chaerophyllum aureum L. (Apiaceae)

Judith M Rollinger, Christian Zidorn, Michael J Dobner, Ernst P Ellmerer, Hermann Stuppner
Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C, Biosciences  
Sub-aerial parts of Chaerophyllum aureum L. yielded two polyacetylenes, falcarinol (1), falcarindiol (2), three lignans, namely nemerosin (3), deoxypodorhizone (4), deoxypodo-phyllotoxin (5), two phenylpropanoids, 1'-hydroxymyristicin (6) and its angeloyl ester (7). Compounds 6 and 7 were isolated for the first time from plant material and their structures were elucidated by means of extensive 1- and 2-dimensional NMR spectroscopy and high resolution mass spectrometry. In bioautographic tests
more » ... autographic tests on TLC plates the dichloromethane extract showed a significant antimicrobial activity. Falcarindiol was identified as the main active principle whereas the phenylpropanoids and lignans showed no activity.
pmid:12939043 fatcat:uigfzxzzonbg5lgxfug2wjw4ma