Optimal Tree Contraction and Term Matching on the Hypercube and Related Networks

E. W. Mayr, R. Werchner
1997 Algorithmica  
An optimal tree contraction algorithm for the boolean hypercube and the constant degree hypercubic networks, such as the shu e exchange or the butter y network, is presented. The algorithm is based on novel routing techniques and, for certain small subtrees, simulates optimal PRAM algorithms. For trees of size n, stored on a p processor hypercube in in-order, the running time of the algorithm is O( l n p m log p). The resulting speed-up of O(p= log p) is optimal due to logarithmic communication
more » ... overhead, as shown by a corresponding lower bound. The same algorithmic ingredients can also be used to solve the term matching problem, one of the fundamental problems in logic programming.
doi:10.1007/pl00009165 fatcat:65pjenki5fhole5albfvo6cw54