A New Digital Signature Algorithm Similar to ELGamal Type

Haipeng Chen, Xuanjing Shen, Yingda Lv
2010 Journal of Software  
Application of digital signature technology becomes more extensive, but many exposed digital signature algorithms have increasingly revealed some shortcomings and deficiencies. Aiming directly at the frequently used digital signature technologies, which are weak to Substitution Attack and Homeostasis Attack, the authors perform the hash transformation on messages before signature. Then, a hash round function is constructed, which simultaneously satisfies the characters of balance, high
more » ... ity, strict avalanche criterion and realization of software. Moreover, making use of the hash round function, a new hash algorithm named HRFA (Hash Round Function Algorithm) is contrived. On this basis, aiming at the defect that the existing digital signature algorithms are weak to active attack and impersonation attack, using the hash algorithm named HRFA and the self-certified public key system, a new kind of digital signature algorithm, which is similar to ELGamal, named H-S DSA (Hash Round Function and Self-certified Public Key System Digital Signature Algorithm) is raised and realized. Finally, the authors analyze the H-S DSA from two aspects of security and time-complexity. And, the results show that the new designed digital signature algorithm named H-S DSA not only has better security strength, but also has lower timecomplexity.
doi:10.4304/jsw.5.3.320-327 fatcat:3zbyw2zhwbdbrgtlnqf7wby3f4