Rajani Thankan, Vasant Patil, Prasanna Aithal, Asst, Asst Professor
2014 Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine   unpublished
In Ayurvedic approach, falling of hair is coined out as in term of 'khalitya' under the broad heading of shiroroga. Susceptibility of hair fall is more in males than in females. khalitya is commonly seen in the age group of 18-40 years. According to survey up to 40% of men and 25% of women in India are victims of hair fall. It is a slowly progressing disorder. People living in sedentary ways of life, stress induced hectic and unhealthy schedules along with indiscriminate dietary habits result
more » ... malnutrition, Anemia, Hypocalcemia & low amino acid level causes many problems which directly reflect in loss of hair. For khalitya, nasya is one of the choices of management for its prime role in maintaining hair growth and preventing khalitya. Objective of the study: 1.To evaluate and compare the effect of Charakokta nasya vidhiandVagbhatokta nasya vidhi with bhringaraja taila in khalitya 2. To standardize the bindu pramana of nasya. Method: A minimum of 30 patients fulfilling the diagnostic and inclusion criteria of either sex are selected for the study. Out of 30 patients, 15 will be administered nasya vidhi according to Charaka and remaining fifteen will be administered Vagbhatokta nasya vidhi . Procedure: Group V: Vagbhatokta nasya vidhi (continuous stream of pouring). Group C: Charakokta nasya vidhi (drop by drop pouring). Assessment was done before treatment, on 8 th day after treatment and on 15 th , 22 nd and 30 th day of follow up. Results: study showed that among the of 30 patients, 10 (33.33%) got good response > 61% relief, 18 (60 %) got moderate relief between 31% to 60%, 2 (06.66 %) poor response between 1% to 30% and 0% is in no response group Conclusion: Analysis of the results clinically showed that Charakokta nasya vidhi with bhringaraja taila provided a better relief in the signs and symptoms of khalitya mainly in hair fall and breaking of hair compared with Vagbhatokta nasya vidhi with bhringaraja taila in khalitya.