A further comparison of glacier velocities measured by radio-echo and survey methods

C. S. M. Doake, M. Gorman, W. S. B. Paterson
1976 Journal of Glaciology  
A comparison has been mager between ice velocities that were measured by the radio-echo technique and by a survey method on the Devon Island ice cap, Arctic Canada (lat. 75° 23' N., long. 82° 23'W.). Results were 2.58±0.11 ma1 by radar and 2.17±0.20 m a–1 by survey. The discrepancy between the two measurements is within the limits of statistical significance, and the methods are consigerred to give comparable results.
doi:10.1017/s0022143000030690 fatcat:fftlc6jsuvdhbnzuo5dauinwbq