Bütünleşik DEMATEL ve MultiMoora yaklaşımı ile tam zamanında üretim sistemi ile çalışan bir işletmede tedarikçi seçimi

Alparslan Serhat DEMİR, Mine Büşra GELEN, Şeyma ACIR
2020 Academic Platform Journal of Engineering and Science  
In today's industry, increasing competition and rising customer expectancies are driving businesses to expect some criteria such as cost, quality and fast service from their suppliers at certain levels. Especially for automotive companies working on just-intime production, it is of utmost importance that these criteria are best achieved by suppliers. While suppliers who meet the criteria at an optimal level are preferred, firms part company with the suppliers who cannot meet these expectations.
more » ... For this reason, the choice of suppliers for just-in-time companies has become a major problem. In this study, the problem of supplier selection of an automotive subsidiary industry company working with a just-in-time production system was solved using an integrated use of DEMATEL and MULTIMOORA methods. In the study, the MOORA ratio method, the Reference point approach and full multiplicative methods were applied on the supplier selection problem by operating with weights obtained from DEMATEL. The results obtained were assessed using the ordinal dominance theory and the best suppliers were selected.
doi:10.21541/apjes.793784 fatcat:g5xcxhynkzg6fk265irn2oeqcq