A new level of photometric precision: WIRE observations of eclipsing binary stars

Hans Bruntt, John Southworth
2008 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The WIRE satellite was launched in March 1999 and was the first space mission to do asteroseismology from space on a large number of stars. WIRE has produced very high-precision photometry of a few hundred bright stars (V<6) with temporal coverage of several weeks, including K giants, solar-like stars, delta Scuti stars, and beta Cepheids. In the current work we will describe the status of science done on seven detached eclipsing binary systems. Our results emphasize some of the challenges and
more » ... xciting results expected from coming satellite missions like COROT and Kepler. Unfortunately, on 23 October 2006, communication with WIRE failed after almost eight years in space. Because of this sad news we will give a brief history of WIRE at the end of this paper.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/118/1/012012 fatcat:iavliegkljbjlejf4y4uztatyu