Development of Mössbauer Spectroscopic Microscope and Its Applications

Yutaka YOSHIDA, Hiroyoshi SOEJIMA
2010 Hyomen Kagaku  
A "Mössbauer spectroscopic microscope" is presented in this review article. The microscope uses a Multi-Capillary-X-ray (MCX) lens to focus 14.4 keV-g-rays. It is operating in a laboratory combined with a field emission type scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM). This microscope yields a two-dimensional mapping image of 57 Fe probes with a space resolution of about 50 µm in comparison with the microstructure observed by FE-SEM. The detection limit for 57 Fe atoms appears to be less than 10 16
more » ... Fe/cm 3 in Si matrix. We detect " 57 Fe Mössbauer effect" either by 14.4 keV-g-rays or characteristic X-rays of Fe on Si-PIN detector or by conversion electrons and Auger electrons on micro-channel plate (MCP) as function of the focused g-ray positions. Two examples of the applications of this microscope are shown : one for SUS304 steel which contains Austenite and Martensite phases, and the other for 57 Fe contaminated multi-crystalline Si which is used for solar cells.
doi:10.1380/jsssj.31.255 fatcat:mgb6x7x2tffpvf3k5ytatoz65i