Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages [book]

HC User, Eileen Joy, Kimberly K. Bell, Mary K. Ramsey, Myra J. Seaman
The essays collected in this volume demonstrate that, when certain medieval and contemporary cultural texts are placed alongside each other -- such as a fourteenth-century penitential handbook and the reality television show "Survivor," or early fifteenth-century Lancastrian statecraft (Henry IV) and the stagecraft of George W. Bush's presidential campaign -- they reveal certain mentalities and social conditions that persist over long durations of time. Several of the essays address overtly
more » ... tical subjects, such as political torture and suicide terrorism, while other essays attend to the various ways in which certain "real-life" fictions and cultural entertainments have always overdetermined our understanding of history, our current moment, and ourselves.
doi:10.17613/m6r785p0f fatcat:ll4bzche55aatbq4v44tuxduky