Determination of natural radioactivity levels in Kars- city center, Turkey

2014 Journal of Nuclear Sciences  
The objective of this study is to determine the distribution of natural radionuclides in surface soils in the Karscity center, Turkey. The activity concentrations of 238 U, 232 Th, 40 K and 137 Cs in 38 soil samples collected from the study area were measured through NaI(Tl) gamma spectrometry. The average activities of the samples were determined to be 47.8, 31.2 and 536 Bqkg -1 for the natural radionuclides 226 Ra ( 238 U), 232 Th, 40 K, respectively, and 18 Bqkg -1 for the fission product
more » ... he fission product 137 Cs. When the present results are compared with the data available for other cities in Turkey, the soil radioactivity concentrations obtained in this study indicate that the region has a background radiation level within natural limits but the measured average activity of 40 K depending on soil texture is slightly higher than the other parts of country.
doi:10.1501/nuclear_0000000005 fatcat:idrsvb2ttnbgrhtqj3amljvtke