Design and Implementation of a System for Interactive Higher Dimensional Vector Field Visualization [article]

Zhenmin Peng, Zhao Geng, Robert S. Laramee
2011 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
Although the challenge of 2D flow visualization is deemed virtually solved as a result of the tremendous amount of effort invested into this problem, higher-dimensional flow visualization, (e.g. the visualization of flow on surfaces in 3D (2.5D), volumetric flow (3D), and flow with multiple attributes (nD) ), still holds many challenges which need to be addressed.We describe the design and implementation of a generic framework incorporating a selection of related scientific and information
more » ... lization techniques which are interactively integrated to provide tools for effective visualization of the higher dimensional CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation data. In contrast to the most research prototypes, the system we present handles real-world, unstructured simulation data. Our framework involves direct, vector field clustering and geometric flow visualization techniques. Information visualization approaches, such as a tabular histogram, velocity histogram, and parallel coordinate plot are also integrated. In order to enable a smooth and efficient user interaction, these visualization options are systematically combined on a multi-threading platform which ensures responsiveness even when processing large data.
doi:10.2312/eg2011/posters/013-014 fatcat:noxazr5rfvfq5mt27kbgbxoucy