The Strauss-Kahn Syndrome

Robert Skopec
2011 Nature Precedings  
Accumulating evidence shows that the central nervous system (CNS) regulates the activity of the immune system. Concerning the role of immune system in cancer, psychosocial influences on immune function provide a mechanism of association between psychosocial factors (like interpersonal aggression) and cancer prognosis. Social conflicts between males, involving high aggression stress and threat (psychosocial conflicts) produce both an allostatic state and allostatic load. The costs for aggressors
more » ... (Hawks) and victims (losers) tested under semi laboratory conditions are quite different. Testosterone does not cause aggression, only exaggerates the pre-existing pattern and response to environmental triggers of aggression. The individual's personality type (authoritarian Hawk or Dove) has major impact on psychoneuroimmune mechanisms linking aggression stress through inflammation to cancer. Due to the latest connotations we propose this personality phenomenon label as "the Strauss-Kahn syndrome". Conflict of Interest: The author has no biomedical financial interest or a conflict of interest to declare related to this project. The paper is not supported by any grants. N Power means power-motivated individuals N Power means power-motivated individuals concerned with having impact over others, and they derive reward and reinforcement from having this impact. Power-motivated individuals are more likely to be successful in managerial positions with vibrant careers. They tend to be perceived by others as competent. They also tend to make autocratic decisions. Powermotivated individuals take bigger risk in gambling situations to garner attention. They are also more likely to be violent with their significant others, to abuse alcohol (drugs) and to be sexually promiscuous. Power-motivated individuals are coded to take strong and forceful actions that have impact over others, controlling, influencing others, offering advice, impressing others sexually, they need to achieve fame, prestige and reputation, and actions that elicit a strong emotional response in others.
doi:10.1038/npre.2011.6456.1 fatcat:wrhb4j7fxjfltjhv47xpps43ne