Universal Quantum Signatures of Chaos in Ballistic Transport

R. A Jalabert, J.-L Pichard, C. W. J Beenakker
1994 Europhysics letters  
The conductance of a ballistic quantum dot (having chaotic classical dynamics and being coupled by ballistic point contacts to two electron reservoirs) is computed on the single assumption that its scattering matrix is a member of Dyson's circular ensemble. General formulas are obtained for the mean and variance of transport properties in the orthogonal (beta=1), unitary (beta=2), and symplectic (beta=4) symmetry class. Applications include universal conductance fluctuations, weak localization,
more » ... weak localization, sub-Poissonian shot noise, and normal-metal-superconductor junctions. The complete distribution P(g) of the conductance g is computed for the case that the coupling to the reservoirs occurs via two quantum point contacts with a single transmitted channel. The result P(g)=g^(-1+beta/2) is qualitatively different in the three symmetry classes. ***Submitted to Europhysics Letters.****
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/27/4/001 fatcat:drubsefpive43g4bbyxu6ryyoq