Convective Instability of a Steady Flow in an Annulus Caused by Internal Heat Generation

Andrei Kolyshkin, Valentina Koliskina, Inta Volodko, Ilmārs Iltins
2020 Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B, Natural Sciences  
AbstractLinear stability of convective motion in a tall vertical annulus was analysed in the paper. The base flow was generated by a non-uniform distribution of heat sources in the radial direction. The base flow velocity and temperature were obtained analytically solving the system of Navier-Stokes equations under the Boussinesq approximation. The linear stability problem was solved for axi-symmetric and asymmetric perturbations by a collocation method based on the Chebyshev polynomials.
more » ... polynomials. Numerical results showed that there were three destabilising factors: (1) increase of the gap between the cylinders, (2) increase of the density of internal heat sources towards to the outer boundary of the annulus and (3) increase of the Prandtl number.
doi:10.2478/prolas-2020-0045 fatcat:iuk5gogkofd2dapdkfszv2ocle