Unified Fractional Derivative Formulae for the Multivariable Aleph-Function

FY. AY. Ant
2018 Global Journal of Science Frontier Research  
In this paper, we first evaluate unified finite multiple integrals whose integrand involves the product of the generalized hypergeometric function, general class of multivariable polynomials , the series expansion of multivariable A-function, a sequence of functions and the multivariable I-function. The arguments occurring in the integrand involve the product of factors of the form while that of , occurring herein involves a finite series of such coefficients. On account of the most general
more » ... re of the functions happening in the integrand of our integral, a large number of new and known integrals can be obtained from it merely by specializing the functions and parameters involved here. At the end, we shall see two corollaries.
doi:10.34257/gjsfrfvol18is3pg11 fatcat:xgiy5jrrufhgpbmx2iqmdmh2ee