Salvage Treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure after Transcomposite Myocutaneous Flaps Transplantation for Chronic Empyema Combined with Chest wall sinus: A Case Report [post]

Lei Wang, Zhongliang He
2021 unpublished
BackgroundChronic empyema with chest wall sinus is a complex and refractory disease caused by multiple factors.It may be combined with bronchopleural fistula, residual bone and other necrotic tissue,causing local infection difficult to control, and the disease is a vicious circle.Case presentationThis paper reports a 62-year-old male patient who underwent right pneumonectomy for squamous cell carcinoma of the lung 11 years ago and began to develop empyema with purulent sinus in the anterior
more » ... t wall 3 years ago. Therefore, he was admitted to our medical center for further treatment. Chest computed tomography (CT) showed the right pleural effusion with the chest wall rupture sinus. According to his clinical symptoms and imaging examination, he was diagnosed as chronic empyema with chest wall sinus.Due to the large empyema cavity,the patient should be treated with free vastus lateralis musculocutaneous flap combined with pedicled pectoralis major muscle flap transplantation.After the operation, acute respiratory failure occurred due to left lung aspiration pneumonia.ConclusionsAfter a series of treatment measures such as tracheal intubation, tracheotomy, anti-infection, maintenance of circulatory stability, and rehabilitation training, he was finally rescued and cured.Follow-up after discharge showed that the tissue flap survived and empyema was eliminated.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:cxeww4s62bclzo2yghdht64uve